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MM Labs 
A member-based platform for organisations to generate business and partnerships. Spotlights your leaders, products and services.
Must-have visual maps of your industry's ecoystem. Updated to track you, your potential partners and your competition’s positioning.

Verticals leadership reports
Feature your company, leaders, solutions in the Tech Lab  Industry Hall of Fame and Reports. Get insights and updates on the top players transforming your vertical.

Exclusive round table events
Network in intimate interactive event. 
Preview new solutions and demos.

Where are you in your industry snapshot?


   Visual Techoscapes

  • Powerful, must-have visual business tool

  • Maps tech players in your landscape

  • Highlights potential partners and competition

  • Updated regularly

Offers clarity in complex ecosystems

Helps customers / investors understand your position 

Organizes your landscape across critical categories

Option for interactive logos

Focus on home-grown tech organisations

Talk to us about boosting your position and increasing your CTRs with interactive logos


To trial a platform membership

Stay tuned for updated Techoscapes

Vertical Leadership Reports, Videos, Articles

  • Invaluable videos, reports, articles

  • Features industry insights

  • Spotlight on leaders 

  • Recognises the vision and dedication of leading  professionals

  • Insights into your partners and competitor's performance

  • Opportunity to feature your own company, nominate your leaders and promote your products in:

          - Industry visuals and videos 

         - Leader of the week posts

         - Company of the month news and reviews all sent to
             C- Suite members


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Stay tuned for the next report
workshop PR setting marketing, and communications. The room is smaller and features soft,

Join the Construction-tech Round Table Series 


Commencing August 27, 2021. 

Location: Sth Melbourne, Australia

Limited to 21 select delegates

Find out more on the event and who should attend

   Exclusive Round Tables 

Results-driven with focused themes

Targeting like-minded professionals

Locking in the right timing for decision makers

Strong networking component 

  • Exciting opportunity to break away from the virtual world

  •  Leverage online meetings for next-stage business

  • Attendance subject to pre-qualified briefings



Technology Hall of Fame


If you or / and your team are star technology adopters, you are on our radar!

  • Rallies behind trailblazers making a technology leap

  • Spotlights leaders partnering with local tech

  • Levels up tech firms from the direction that matters most; their client base 

​​Over 50% of B2B - startup collaborations fail due to a clash of mindsets. In response we are applauding each step in the right direction. We rally behind leaders, in particular those choosing home-grown solutions.

Our Technology Adoption Meter (TAM) focuses on your; tech-stack, speed of adoption and home-grown partnerships. 


MML Technology Adoption Meter insights
Discover how far you moved the meter
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