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AI for Business

Kickstart 2024 with practical & safe AI deployment

Our AI workshop and programs are a must for businessess keen to stay ahead of the curve. They were built to manage ongoing adoption and growth in a fast-changing AI landscape.

The workshop is an opportunity to come to grips with your AI adoption challenges. It provides insights and an outine for safety and support and best practices. 

The follow-up program, divided into modules, can be customised to provide practical steps for continued success. The modules are built on real world use cases and hands-on practice per unit, and optionally, per person.

Why attend


  • Stay relevant: 
    Be the visionary that steers the ship and ensure your teams are not falling behind the market

  • Benefit from practical skills:
    Get practical with hands-on training modules and use cases designed for improved productivity, creative and growth

  • Gain a strategic advantage:
    Walk away with a blueprint for success. Our curriculum is tailored to deliver strategies for levelling up operations.

  • Proceed with safety and compliance:
    Get a grip on the safety guardrails to avoid risk and pitfalls


Your takeaways:


  • Market edge: 
    Equip yourself with AI insights to eclipse the competition

  • Nurture culture of innovation:
    Build a team with a mindset thriving on AI possibilities

  • Dynamic capabilities:
    Master AI tools and prompts that expedite daily tasks


Why enrol today?


  • First-mover advantage:
    Access to a pre-workshop session—an intimate forum with our AI luminaries.

  • Exclusivity Is key:
    With limited enrollment, we promise an intimate setting that fosters deeper practical learning.

  • Early-bird incentive:
    Benefit from preferential rates

  • Limited seats
    Personalised attention, limited slots


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